LOOK BACK: Joker / Jus Now / OM Unit Masterclasses

By the sounds of things, you enjoyed our Sound Surgery series as much as we did. Thanks to you, all three of our masterclasses completely sold out!

Hosted by the inventive music producer and educator, Kayla Painter, this series was an opportunity for you to sit alongside some of our favourite producers and pick their brains about their come-up and craft. Each session saw compelling group discussions and one-to-one feedback between producer and audience members.

For our first session, we were joined by bass king, Joker, he discussed his early influences, production processes and the trails and tribulations of having his label ‘Kapsize’. Next up it was Sam from Jus Now’s turn to jump in the hot seat, we talked cultural influences, using live sounds in music and reminisced about a time when the internet didn’t have all the answers it does now. We ended the series on a massive high with OM Unit coming to get a piece of the action, he went in depth about the software he uses, being an introvert, and the ideas behind his track ‘Out Of The Shadows’.

We asked Joker, Jus Now and OM Unit to bring some inspirational tracks to help us better understand how they are affected by others music and where they find influences. We’ve kindly recapped below for those of you that didn’t make it down to these sessions.



Joker dropped ‘Mad Night’ on label, Kapsize, back in September 2017. We got to hear him talk us through this track from start to finish, and we discussed the heavyweight bass and awesome string arrangements. Get clued up on where Joker finds his inspiration with the 3 tracks he shared with us below.


1. Vangelis – Blade Runner: Synth heavy and dreamy, he feels he relates to this track and it strongly influenced his upcoming releases


2. Hans Zimmer – Time: Joker likes the soaring strings and the way this track is super simple but the feeling of huge impact


3. Skepta & JME – Meridian Walk: Was a certain sound, that on hearing, he thought was the best thing ever



Having Jus Now talk us through ‘One Time’ was a memorable moment for us. He likened the energy he felt from his trips to Trinidad carnival and finding Power-Soca to the first time he heard DnB. The inspiration from this must have been heavy as he went on to tell us how this track was made the very next day. It was clear Sam takes influences from a whole load of things in life, listen below for some of the tracks that have impacted the Jus Now releases we know and love.


1. DJ Krust & Saul Williams – Coded Language: This track is like a movie to Sam, and super futuristic


2. Lobster Boy (aka Redlight) – Planet X: Redlight’s attitude to break out from the norm was an inspiration for Sam


3. Denise Belfon – Dance & Dingolay: The standout track from his 1st trip to Trinidad



Our masterclass with OM Unit saw us dive into the deep depths of Cubase and the numerous plug-ins he uses. He showed us the break down of his track ‘Out of The Shadows’, and shared his approach to studio set-up and what it takes to be noticed as an upcoming producer. Check out some of OM Unit’s most influential tracks that we got to listen to at his session.


1. Dub Syndicate – All other roads are shut off: ‘I’m interested in how music gets re- contextualised’

2. Bourbonesen Qualk – Dream Decade: ‘The lyrics remind me of trying to live in London on this track’

3. Fracture x Kid Drama ft Lucie La Mode – Tell me how: ‘This tracks fusion of genres is interesting to me’