LOOK BACK: Industry Takeover Seminars

By pulling our hand-picked industry figures together, from all corners of the music business, we think you’d agree, we’ve well and truly bought the panel game alive this year.

We teamed up with our friends at Urban Development to sprinkle some of our Bristol style on their informative seminars. We’ve tackled subjects that we know are essential for all of you aspiring to work in, or create, music. These includes getting your first gig, building a fanbase and very importantly, how on earth can you make money from music?!

Each seminar was led by Chris Cooke from CMU, and featured panelists working at the forefront of the game such as Crack Magazine, Music Glue, Team Love and Red Light Management to name just a few. We were so happy to provide a space for you all to connect with these music guru’s and a chance in each session to ask your own questions and network till your heart’s content!


In our first seminar we were joined by Kaiya Milan, Artist Manger at Off-Balance, who encouraged all aspiring artists to keep keeping on when it comes to networking and learning the trade. Will Spencer from Music Glue gave insight into the ‘direct-to-fan’ revenue route by ensuring you have your one-stop shop fully stocked. Claire Rose repped the royalties side to revenue and explained how this was not only accessible information but also essential to artists at any stage of career. Whilst Joe Mason urged artists to not wait around as, these days, profits can be made as soon as you have music ready to share with the public.


Next up we had Carly Heath, Marketing & Promotions for names as heavy as the sounds they bring like Subloaded and Gutterfunk, she broke the current DIY capabilities of digital platforms down for our audience. Duncan Harrison from Crack Magazine described what music journalists and publications might be looking for in new acts or how you might approach your own PR. Eva Greene of Black Acre Records was transparent about how a label will study stats and expect an artist to have acquired a certain following before they might consider taking a risk on putting out their material.


Last but not least Nigel Glasgow, Tour Manager of Sampha amongst others, kept it real by urging all aspiring artists to respect all staff at venues as when starting out at grassroots you never know who is who and your reputation is key to progression. Tom Paine of Team Love spoke about the need to sometimes think outside of the box to get your ideas off the ground, if you can’t get a venue then make your own, if you can’t get booked then promote on your own event. Milly Allen from Coda Agency painted a picture of how she started out by pushing lesser known artists and sounds she truly believed in which in turn meant her authenticity was noticed and she was approached to join a company and scale up her plans.

Missed these seminars? As always, we’ve got your back. We’ve cherry-picked some of our best-loved advice that panelists dropped throughout the series for you to get a flavour.


One of our favourite discussions was ‘Bristol Based: The Music business In Our City’, where industry professionals living in Bristol got together to debate working in music whilst residing outside of the capital. Listen back to our panel of Lizzy Bowman (Artist Manager), Jakes (Artist), THISISDA (Artist) and Koast (Record Label Boss/DJ/MC) HERE.