Multi-Track x Believe – A&R workshops

As part of our commitment to supporting the development of local talent, we have teamed up with the world’s largest fully independent music distribution company Believe to bring an exclusive workshop focusing on all things A&R.

Are you an emerging artist, upcoming A&R or maybe you’re part of a team working with an artist such as a manager? This workshop provides insight to the role of an A&R and direct advice from experienced professionals in this field.

Places are limited so book a place early to avoid disappointment. As this event is free we kindly ask anyone considering booking a ticket to be fully committed so that each place can be benefited from.

Workshop leaders
Nikki Camilleri – A&R Manager, Believe
Nathan Phillips – Head of Artist Relations, Tunecore
Kwame Kwaten – Senior A&R Consultant, Believe

A&R Focus Group
An interactive discussion between music industry A&Rs, aspiring A&Rs and music lovers where we will discuss the A&R process following the signing of an artist.

Participants who are not artists themselves are asked to bring an unsigned artist that they value to participate in the discussion. (A Spotify/Youtube or Soundcloud link will be suitable).

Discussion will focus on a national and local level and the panel are keen to discuss the Bristol music scene.

Self-Releasing Workshop
In this workshop we will discuss what it’s like to self-release music in today’s ever changing market. We will consider what options are available as a D-I-Y artist and how to make the most of the numerous tools available.

A&R 1-1 sessions
Non-ticketed, sign up for a time slot on the day

This is your opportunity to speak one-on-one with a music industry professional in the A&R field, get feedback on your work, music business advice or ask any burning questions.

Sessions will be led by what you bring so please come with questions in mind.

For full info head to the Colston Hall website and for booking details

DATE: 27th April 2019
TIME: 12:00
VENUE: Colston Hall

more info and booking