Sell it Well

Level Up: Refocus in 2021

Venue: Online – Zoom

Date: Tue 23 Feb 2021

Time: 6-8pm

Price: £5 incl. bf

Ages 18+

Created by Young Guns Network and presented by Multi-Track

Join Young Guns Network and Multi-Track for an in-depth guide to the music industry. Come away with a clear plan for how you are going to market and sell your work, whether it’s selling 1-2-1 with promoters, venues, selling library music, starting your own music project or selling to consumers and fans, and learn how to build your own communication channels.

Packed with game-changing advice, practical takeaways and unrivalled insight from the music industry’s biggest players, the last edition of this forward-thinking professional mini-course will enable you to upgrade your hustle and teach you how to manage your own music business career.

At this session you will:

  • Learn how to create a sales plan and sales funnel for your products/services
  • Learn about selling business-to-business incl. festivals, synch, brand partnerships/sponsorship, distribution
  • Gain an understanding of selling business-to-consumer/fan incl. CRM, social media, radio and streaming, merch, tickets and ‘other’ experiences
  • Develop a marketing and promotion plan that works for you

The effects of the pandemic have shone a light on the challenges DIY creatives in music face in terms of sustaining an income in the current climate of a contentious royalties system and a locked-down live circuit. It’s never been more important for artists to understand the different ways they can generate income from their practice.

In this online workshop, we discuss how to take control of your fan engagement, moving sales off social platforms and streaming services onto services like the increasingly popular Bandcamp, to develop your own fanbase.

Lewy Lytton will hinge his talk around the themes of this article:

Meet the Speakers

Lewy Lytton – Freelance Digital Marketing & Creative Manager & former Domino Records, Universal Music Group

Formerly of Domino Records, Universal Music Group and JD Management; Lewy Lytton is a Freelance Digital Marketing & Creative Manager with experience working on artist marketing campaigns across a wide variety of projects including  Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Fat White Family and many more.

As a freelancer Lewy has been working alongside multiple artist management companies and record labels; notably Solar Management, Partisan Record and Heavenly Records. Campaigning for projects including the BBC’s BAFTA Award winning soundtrack to ‘Killing Eve’, Zero 7 and alternative R&B duo WESLEE.

Hosted by

Remi Harris MBE – Young Guns Network

Remi Harris is, at heart, someone who loves supporting creative people, and has spent over 20 years finding ways to increase their knowledge and success, whilst being a passionate advocate for diversity in the industry.

A founder staffer at AIM in 1999, Remi produced over 100 events, mentoring and training programs, creating the London Connected program while General Manager at AIM in 2007 to improve access to the digital market for hundreds of indie labels.

As Director of Operations at UK Music in 2011 Remi lobbied for better access to finance for music companies, inspiring her to write the book: Easy Money? The Definitive Guide to Funding Music Projects in the UK (2013) described as “essential reading for the DIY Sector”.

In 2013, she co-founded the Young Guns Network for young professionals in the industry, which has produced around 50 networking, training and music hack events.

In 2017 she was awarded an MBE for services to the Music Industry. She now runs her consultancy Remi Harris Consulting where she uses her experiences of working with small businesses and her MBA degree to train and advise creative businesses and people in business skills like planning, fundraising, governance, strategy, freelancing and finance. She also writes and speaks about parenting in the music industry.

Clients include Brighter Sounds, Somerset House Trust, The Barbican, Metal Culture, Small Green Shoots, The Musicians’ Union, Help Musicians UK, PRS Foundation/Keychange, Creative United, SPACE and many individual artists and small businesses.

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This is an online event created by Young Guns Network and presented by Multi-Track.

DATE: 23rd February 2021
TIME: 18:00
VENUE: Online - zoom

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