Splitz P


Splitz P is a vocalist from the St Pauls area of Bristol. Collaborating from an early age with the likes of Buggsy and Duppy Beatz, he’s been around on the scene for years.

Born to a Jamaican father and Pakistani mother, a rich cultural legacy informs Splitz P’s work. His dextrous cadence drives soulful vocals, resulting in a powerfully expressive sound.

Splitz draws inspiration from a diverse spectrum of influences, ranging from Michael Jackson, to Little Richard, to Bob Marley. And these all come together in the rhythm of his voice and the passion of his words.

His work is also informed by his faith in the strength of the human spirit. Because he knows first-hand what it’s like to survive hard times. That’s why his lyrics carry messages of love and positivity, for both his local community and the wider world.

Splitz wants to inspire hope in his listeners. To let them know it’s not about the darkness of yesterday, but the brightness of right now and tomorrow. He’s all about uplifting himself – and others – while he can.